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Yasuo (ヤスオ)

GTO: The Early Years (Shonan Junai Gumi)

A member of Katsuyuki's gang, Yasuo is incredibly loyal to 'Ka-chan' (as he calls him) and therefore also to Onizuka (although he initially disliked the Oni-Baku's control over everyone in their school). He holds a major grudge against Enoshima Shogyou (Enoshou) students, and is mainly seen in conflict with them. Although not a major character, Yasuo appears fairly often, even having starring roles in certain chapters. He rides a Yamaha XJ-R, and has a girlfriend called Mayumi. His parents own an electric shop, so he knows a little electrical engineering. When Ryuji and Nagisa moved into an abandoned bus, he used his skills to hook them up to a local power line for free.[1]