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A live-action TV drama based on Shonan Junai Gumi, titled Young GTO, was released on Amazon Prime Japan in 2020. Eiji Uchida is the chief director for the series, while Yusaku Matsumoto and Nobuhiro Suzumura are credited as directors.[1]



Episode 1

The show opens with a beach full of pretty girls, who Eikichi Onizuka and Ryuji Danma are watching from the roof of a van. Behind the van, a huge gang fight is going on, which the Oni-baku are not eager to get involved in. They jump onto the beach, but the girls are all scared away by their presence, since they look like delinquents. A heavily tattooed man, angry that the girls are gone, chases the boys back towards the seawall, and they jump over it and land back in the fight.

Eikichi and Ryuji arrive at Kyokuto High School to find a note saying that they have been expelled for repeated misbehavior. After leaving, Eikichi mentions to Ryuji that it was a fake note he wrote, and they just wanted to leave their old delinquent life behind.

The two of them get jobs at a resort on Yoronshima Island, and try to pick up girls there. They seem to have some success with a couple, but then the girls' huge American boyfriends show up and throw Eikichi and Ryuji into the pool. They go to a discotheque on the last night of the summer, determined to score. They meet Mariko Izumo and Ayumi Murakoshi, and step in to protect them from some delinquents harassing them. Outside, the delinquent leader seems to have the upper hand at first, but then Eikichi and Ryuji beat up him and all his lackeys. Mariko and Ayumi take them back to their suiteand patch them up, and then go into another room to discuss whether they want to have sex with the guys. While they're in the other room, Eikichi gives Ryuji a condom, and they both take a large number of pills from a bottle Eikichi has.

Mariko and Eikichi go for a walk by the pool, leaving Ryuji and Ayumi alone. They almost have sex, but Ryuji decides not to at the last moment and leaves. Just after he leaves, he's struck by bowel trouble and runs for a bathroom. Meanwhile, Eikichi has the same bowel trouble and has to run away from Mariko. They both run into the bathroom and see that there's only one stall. Ryuji punches Eikichi in the stomach so he can use it first.

At their new high school, Tsujido, Eikichi and Ryuji find out that Mariko and Ayumi are their new homeroom teachers, not college students as they had claimed at the resort. The women are just as angry that the boys lied to them about being medical students. A large group of delinquents drives onto the school grounds, led by the leader who Eikichi beat up in Yoronshima. The Oni-Baku defeat them all and protect the school, but now they have the reputation of violent delinquents here too. At the end of the episode, Mariko and Ayumi are patching the boys up again, and Mariko tells them that Ayumi is a good teacher, one could even call her a "Great Teacher".

The final shot of the episode shows Toshiyuki Saejima and Jun Kamata sitting in a darkened restaurant and talking about how their suspension is about to end.

Episode 2

The Oni-Baku meet Makoto Hashiri, Tsuyoshi Tsukai, and Yui Itou, fellow classmates. Makoto and Tsukai are awed by Ryuji and Eikichi and suck up to them, with Makoto telling them about the Alice Girls High School cultural festival and giving them tickets. They go, and take part in a matchmaking activity. Ryuji publicly asks out Aina Yarita, but then Eikichi asks her out as well, and she chooses Eikichi. The next day, Ryuji is still mad about it, especially when Eikichi cuts school to go take Aina on a date.

Meanwhile, the Kamakura Mad Dogs are going around beating up anyone who mentions the Oni-Baku, to send a message that they're the ones to be feared.

Yoko Minamino, a new guidance councilor and teacher for the first year students, arrives at Tsujido High School. The students (especially the boys) think it's going to be the singer and actress Yoko Minamino, but it turns out to be an ugly old man. He is strict and sadistic, and grabs Eikichi as he's about to go on his date, dragging him back to school and throwing him across the room. He orders all students to have more appropriate hairstyles and does random bag inspections. When he finds an adult magazine in one bag, he makes the guy pull down his pants and then spanks him. Ryuji and Eikichi have finally had enough, and take on Minamino in a fight, knocking him out in a suplex move like the one they used on the delinquent leader in the previous episode. The principal threatens to suspend them, but Ayumi says she'll quit if they're suspended, and he relents.

Eikichi goes to Aina's house and it seems like they're about to have sex, when she reminds him of the promise he made to "take care of her for the rest of her life". She reveals that she has a baby, and wants him to marry her and help her raise her child. Her parents arrive home and are overjoyed that their daughter has found a man, until Eikichi mentions he didn't agree to marry her, and they chase him out of the house.

Tsukai and Itou go on a date to a cafe, but Tsukai gets into a fight there. He's badly outnumbered, but wants to win on his strength alone and not the Oni-Baku name. When she's worried he might actually die, Itou name-drops them, and the thugs immediately stop, apologizing and even giving Tsukai money for his medical bills. Unfortunately, just as they leave, Saejima and Kamata arrive and beat up Tsukai even worse.

Episode 3

Eikichi has a dream that he's a teacher, and his class is mocking him for still being a virgin. Ayumi offers a "reward" to Ryuji if he does better in school.

At Tsujido, the Kamakura Mad Dogs corner Makoto and force him to betray Eikichi to them. Ryuji goes on a date with Ayumi, which Eikichi and Makoto spy on. They end up in a love hotel, but again don't go through with it because she wants him to give up fighting and being a part of the Oni-Baku to be with her. Depressed that Ryuji is getting lucky and he isn't, Eikichi goes with Makoto to supposedly meet a girl. It turns out to be an ambush by the Kamakura Mad Dogs, and Eikichi is badly beaten. Ryuji visits him in the hospital after Tsukai and Itou find him at the beach, unaware of what happened. Eikichi is mad that Ryuji ditched him for Ayumi and says they're no longer friends.

Ryuji drives to the Kamakura Mad Dogs hideout and challenges them all to a fight. He seems to be in trouble, but then Eikichi drives up and joins the battle, turning the tide. It seems to be over when Kamata suddenly pulls out a knife and tries to stab Eikichi in the back. Makoto bashes him in the head with a pipe, and in gratitude Eikichi lies and tells everyone Makoto never betrayed the Oni-Baku.

Episode 4

Eikichi, Ryuji, and Makoto are at a cafe when they see a handsome stranger picking up girls effortlessly. The next day at school, he introduces himself to the class as Hiroshi Abe, a new transfer student. Eikichi and Ryuji befriend him and ask him to teach them how to pick up chicks. At the pool, Abe easily charms 4 models, telling the boys that success with women relies on three things: the first two are charm and seduction, and he tells them to meet him tomorrow morning before dawn to find out the third one. Saejima and Kamata arrive at the pool, and Saejima tries to charm some girls but scares them away with his face. Eikichi charms them, and takes a liking to one of them, a girl named Kaoru. Early the next morning, Ryuji and Eikichi see Abe running along the street, shoving newspapers into mailboxes. He tells them the third secret to success with women: money.

Ryuji and Ayumi's relationship is getting serious. She has him take her to the spot where her previous boyfriend died in an accident, and a mysterious biker shows up and harasses them.

Meanwhile, a new gang, led by Fumiya Shindoji and his right-hand man Maruyama, moves into Shonan and begins attacking other delinquents and extorting students. Abe and Tsukai fight some of them, and at first it seems like an easy win until Maruyama sprays something (possibly pepper spray) in their eyes, and then has his guys beat them up. Saejima is at the train station and immediately attacks three guys who ask if he's from Tsujido, kicking them down the stairs, only for Fumiya to show up behind him and taser him. Makoto tells the Oni-Baku about these newcomers, but they remain unconcerned, focused on their love lives. Kamata and Saejima show up at Fumiya's hideout to challenge him, and overpower all his guys, even getting the upper hand against Maruyama. However, then dozens more delinquents who Fumiya had called on his cell phone arrive. Kamata tries to rush Fumiya, but Fumiya stabs him in the gut. The rest of the Oni-Baku arrive to save Kamata just as Fumiya is leaving, and Ryuji recognizes him as the mysterious biker. He asks him who he is, but Fumiya tells him to ask Ayumi for answers.

Episode 5

The episode opens with Kamata in the intensive care unit at the hospital, with his friends anxiously waiting outside. His mother and Kaoru, his sister, show up, as do Ayumi, Mariko, and several policemen. The police question Ryuji and Eikichi about Kamata's injuries, but they refuse to tell them anything. Just as Ryuji asks Ayumi about Fumiya, he shows up, driving his motorcycle through the hallway and whacking a cop in the head with a metal baton.

At a cafe, Ayumi explains to Ryuji and Eikichi her past with Fumiya -- he was the younger brother of her fiance, who died in a biking accident. Fumiya was furious that only Ayumi survived, and believes she's "betraying" his brother by falling in love with someone else. Just then, Makoto and Abe show up and tell them that Fumiya's gang is targeting people close to the Oni-baku. Kaoru runs in screaming shortly after, and Eikichi removes a bug from her hair. She buries her head in his chest in gratitude. The two of them stand on the beach, talking about Ryuji and Ayumi. Kaoru tells Eikichi she thinks he's cool, and kisses his cheek, then says that this is also "forbidden love", to Eikichi's confusion.

Maruyama and his gang barge into a school and kidnap Kaoru, while Fumiya does the same to Ayumi when she visits the site of the bike accident to leave flowers. They tie both girls up in a warehouse, and Ayumi begs him to stop, asking if this is what his brother would have wanted. At Tsujido, Itou brings the Oni-Baku Ayumi's shirt and Kaoru's bag, painted with kanji, and a note saying "come to that place".

Eikichi and Ryuji ride their bikes to confront Fumiya's gang at a road they've blocked, and one of the gang members tries to run them over in his car. Amazingly, the two of them are able to stop the car in its tracks with their bare hands, even lifting it off the ground. Fumiya gets on his bike and flees. Eikichi tells Ryuji to go after him, and shoves the car to one side before beating up all the other delinquents.

Ryuji chases after Fumiya on his motorcycle, both of them ending up at the same bridge Fumiya's brother died at. Fumiya throws something into Ryuji's front wheel, making his bike flip over the edge, and thinks he's killed him. But then he hears Ryuji's voice, and looking over the edge, sees him holding onto the bridge with one hand and his bike with the other. Ryuji throws his bike back onto the bridge and then pulls himself up, gaining the upper hand in the fight and beating Fumiya up. Fumiya has an epiphany and realizes he's been wrong. He attempts to jump off the bridge and kill himself, but Ryuji saves him.

The police rescue Kaoru and Ayumi and arrest Fumiya, and Ryuji asks Ayumi to run away with him to a different city. He waits by the train station all day, but she never shows up. The next day at school, all the boys are smoking on the roof when Mariko brings Ryuji a letter and tells him that Ayumi quit and moved to another city on her own. Meanwhile, Jun pulls Eikichi aside to tell him something he needs to know about Kaoru -- Kaoru is actually his crossdressing brother.

Eikichi shows up at Kaoru's school and finds a teacher criticizing "him" for wearing a girl's uniform. Eikichi defends Kaoru, who says he's better than any teacher she knows. As she walks away, he says he'll become "a damn great teacher".

Episode 6

The Oni-Baku are excited to finally be second-year high school students, but find out they and the Kamakura Mad Dogs have been held back a year. Makoto points out that this means they'll have class with cute first-year girls, but when they get there they find out all their classmates are also delinquents. The K.T. Butai, a gang led by Katsuyuki Tsumoto, are in the class, and once they find out who the Oni-Baku are, pledge their loyalty to them. Katsuyuki goes around school beating guys up, and meets Abe, Saejima, and Kamata on the roof. He and his henchman beat up Abe, but the Kamakura Mad Dogs easily beat them, just as Eikichi and Ryuji show up. Katsuyuki apologizes when Eikichi tells him who Kamata and Saejima are, but just then some more K.T. Butai members who don't know who they're attacking hit Eikichi, Ryuji, Saejima, and Kamata in the head with baseball bats. Once Katsuyuki tells them just who they attacked, they're horrified, as the four upperclassmen start kicking the crap out of them.

Also in their class is Shinomi Fujisaki, a childhood friend of Eikichi's who became much more attractive since the last time he saw her. Shinomi beats up some other girls, and after school some delinquents arrive in a car and tell her to get in, since Atsuko's waiting for her. They take her to a parking lot full of delinquent girls on motorcycles, who try to beat up Shinomi. She manages to defeat all of them except Miki Sato, the "Shonan Princess" and girlfriend of Takashi Yokokawa, a yakuza. Just then, Eikichi, Ryuji, and Yui show up. Miki tries attacking Eikichi with the razor blade she was going to use on Shinomi's face, but he grabs her arm and takes it away. Yokokawa gets out of the car, and the boys are very deferential when they learn he's a yakuza. This respect disappears when Yokokawa hits Shinomi, and Eikichi picks a fight with him. Yokokawa pulls out a gun, but Ryuji and Eikichi are able to take him down with a flying kick. Miki says she wants to be Eikichi's woman now, but he's intimidated and runs away.

Ryuji and Eikichi go to a beachside cafe where they meet a cute waitress named Nagisa Nagase. Eikichi can tell Ryuji is into her, and leaves early, slapping a condom down onto the table for Ryuji in case he gets lucky. Nagisa goes inside to serve some other customers, and then Ryuji hears a scream. He runs inside to find the tough guys Nagisa had been serving on the ground bleeding, and Nagisa, wearing sunglasses, driving away on a motorcycle with a Midnight Angels sticker.

Episode 7

The "problem class" at Tsujido is taught by an apathetic teacher named Kenji Inoue, who sleeps during class and does hardly any teaching. Ryuji has stopped coming to class and is working at Masami Sato's motorcycle garage. He asks Masami about Midnight Angel, mentioning his encounter with Nagisa and her bike. He goes back to the cafe and roughly grabs her, asking about Midnight Angel, but she seems to know nothing about it. To apologize, he takes her to a cafe, and she ends up bringing him home to her house.

Meanwhile, a mysterious woman called Yasha has been gathering Midnight Angel members, and beating bloody members of any other gang. Riot Police officer Enatsu shows up to the crime scene and interrogates the survivor, but refuses to believe Midnight Angel is back. At school, Tsukai, Makoto, Saejima, and Kamata explain the history of Midnight Angel to Katsuyuki, who was too young to have witnessed the events. They tell him how the second generation of the gang was torn apart by a war between Junya Akutsu and Toshiki Kamishima, who Akutsu set on fire. At the train station, Katsuyuki faces off against Akimitsu Tamura until Kamishima arrives. Despite Shinomi trying to stop him, Katsuyuki challenges Kamishima, who invites him to face off on the train tracks. Katsuyuki loses the game of chicken, jumping out of the way before the train stops just shy of running them over.

At Nagisa's house, while Nagisa is out of the room, her parents come in and tell Ryuji about her past, that she seemed "like a different person" when she would come back at night, covered in blood. Nagisa overhears them, and they hear her scream. Ryuji runs out looking for her, and finds the motorcycle with a Midnight Angel sticker in the garage. Nagisa comes up behind him and hits him with a wooden pole, saying that she's Yasha, not Nagisa. Nagisa's true personality surfaces briefly, telling Ryuji to run, and asking him to help her. Her parents come in, and she beats up her father as well. Ryuji reminisces about a conversation he had with Kyosuke Masaki, the founder of Midnight Angel, who asked him and Eikichi to destroy his own gang and stop it from coming back.

The principal and officer Enatsu come to Mr. Inoue's class and announce that Katsuyuki is suspended for the incident at the train station. All the other students stand up for him, as well as Mr. Inoue, who punches the principal when he calls them the "scum of society". The principal fires Mr. Inoue, who says he hates the Japanese education system and was planning to quit anyway. Eikichi runs after him, and tells him he knows what he wants to do with his life. In the hallway, Ryuji shows up and tells Eikichi that they won't be kids forever, and maybe it's time to fulfill their promise to Masaki.

In the last scene, Junya Akutsu is released from prison, and finds Yasha waiting outside on a motorcycle for him.

Episode 8

Nagisa comes to visit Ryuji and the Oni-Baku at a cafe, and Ryuji explains the Yasha situation to Eikichi. He asks Nagisa to run away from home with him, and they live in an abandoned bus for a while. Unfortunately, Yasha resurfaces when she sees a message on TV from Akutsu, telling her to come back to him. She beats Ryuji with a metal bat, and he falls outside just as the Midnight Angels show up. Akutsu gives Yasha a knife and tells her to kill Ryuji, but she can't do it, instead trying to stab herself. Ryuji jumps in the path of the blade and is stabbed instead. Akutsu picks up the knife and tries to finish him off but Nagisa throws herself in front of the knife this time. With both of them lying on the ground bleeding, Akutsu pours gasoline on Ryuji and sets him on fire.

The two of them are rushed to the hospital, where Ryuji begs to be kept in the same room as her. Eikichi visits them and places their hands together so they're holding hands as they lie unconscious. He then leaves to face Akutsu and Midnight Angel.

At an abandoned warehouse, the Kamakura Massacre Unit, led by Kamishima, and Midnight Angel, led by Akutsu, face off in a massive brawl. Midnight Angel gains the upper hand, and rather than lose to Akutsu, Kamishima stabs himself. Akutsu is just announcing his victory when Eikichi drives in on Masaki's old motorcycle, wearing Masaki's coat. Akutsu demands the coat, claiming he's Masaki's rightful successor. Eikichi beats him up, and doesn't even flinch when they throw gasoline on him and light the coat on fire. He then flings the coat off and watches it burn, stating that Midnight Angel will never ride again.

The cops, led by Enatsu, show up in riot gear and start arresting and beating up all the delinquents. Enatsu tells Eikichi that the cops will always be the strongest ones in Shonan. The Oni-Baku (minus Ryuji) show up just in time and turn the tide against the cops, and Enatsu's superior Matsuoka reprimands him for abusing his authority. They reminisce about how they used to be delinquents themselves. Saejima tells Matsuoka he's pretty cool for a cop, and he wants to be one someday. Matsuoka tells him it's impossible with his bad grades. Mariko shows up and apologizes for her students' actions.

At the hospital, Nagisa wakes up and starts thrashing, fighting Yasha inside her mind. Ryuji yells for the doctors, but she flatlines. Miraculously, she wakes up again, finally free of Yasha for good.

Eikichi and Ryuji meet on the school roof and discuss their futures; Eikichi wants to be a teacher and Ryuji is going to drop out of school. They remember a conversation with Masaki, deciding that now that they've ended the Oni-Baku, they can finally fight to decide who's the strongest. The camera cuts away before they hit each other, so we never find our who wins. The final scene has the entire group at the beach, taking a group picture.


  • In the final scene, the group photo is captioned "Shonan 1992", indicating that it takes place in that year. Eikichi and Ryuji mention being 17 earlier in the episode.