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For the anime adaption of Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO), the original soundtrack was composed by Yûsuke Honma, who was already known for composing the original soundtrack for Yu Yu Hakusho. The first volume of the soundtrack contains nineteen songs and the second, fourteen, including "Hitori no Yoru" and "Shizuku".

Its two opening themes, "Driver's High" and "Hitori no Yoru", were recorded by L'Arc~en~Ciel and Porno Graffiti respectively. The first of the two is used as the opening theme song for episodes one through seventeen and the latter for every other episode.

Despite having only two opening themes, the anime has four for its closing: including "Driver's High", which is played during the final episode. The other three are Kirari's "Last Piece", Miwako Okuda's "Shizuku", and The Hong Kong Knife's "Cherished Memories".

Original Soundtracks

GTO OST 1 Album Cover.jpg
October 21, 1999
Yûsuke Honma
GTO OST 2 Album Cover.jpg
July 5, 2000
Akimitsu Honma, Yûsuke Honma, & Senri Oe

Theme Songs


Driver's High Album Cover.jpg
August 11, 1999
1st OP
Ep. 1-17
Porno Graffitti - Hitori no Yoru.png
January 26, 2000
Porno Graffitti
2nd OP
Ep. 18-43


Kirari - Last Piece.png
September 1, 1999
1st ED
Ep. 1-17
Miwako Okuda - Shizuku.png
October 1, 2000
Miwako Okuda
2nd ED
Ep. 18-33
The Hong Kong Knife - Cherished Memories.png
July 26, 2000
The Hong Kong Knife
3rd ED
Ep. 34-42
Driver's High Album Cover.jpg
August 11, 1999
4th ED
Ep. 43