GTO - Volume 3
GTO-volume 3 cover
Volume Information
Written by

Tohru Fujisawa

Japanese Release Date

September 17, 1997

Japanese ISBN

ISBN 4-06-312455-X

Published by


North American Release Date

July 23, 2002

North American ISBN

ISBN 1-931514-49-6

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GTO - Volume 3 is the third volume in Tohru Fujisawa's Great Teacher Onizuka manga series.


Eikichi Onizuka lands his first teaching job and gets ready to make all of his dreams come true. But he's got to take on the toughest class of kids in his new school to prove his worth!

When his brand-new class hatches a plan that involves humiliating Onizuka into early retirement at every turn, Onizuka's ready to set the record straight one bully at a time. Now, he just needs to stay out of trouble long enough to teach them a lesson they'll never forget.