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GTO: Paradise Lost
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Manga Information
Written by

Tohru Fujisawa

Published by

Kodansha (Japan)
Kodansha USA (U.S.)


Weekly Young Magazine


Comedy, Drama, School, & Slice of Life

Original Run

April 14, 2014 – Present


15 (Currently)

List of Volumes

GTO: Paradise Lost (GTO パラダイス・ロスト GTO Paradaisu Rosuto) is Tohru Fujisawa's latest work and a sequel to his magnum opus: Great Teacher Onizuka. Its publication began in August 2014; since then, fifteen volumes have been published in Weekly Young Magazine and thirteen have been officially translated into English. The total number of volumes planned for the series is unknown.


Great Teacher Onizuka is back, and the next stage for his legend is...prison?! The trouble magnet of a teacher reveals that this stint behind bars is thanks to a certain incident with the class he became assistant homeroom teacher of half a year earlier: Holy Forest Academy's new class for high school-aged celebrities! Does he regret the exploits that landed him in the slammer? Heck, no. In fact, he’s all too happy to calmly tell his fellow prisoners how the whole thing went down—if they’re willing to listen to his story from the very beginning...


Faculty Members


Family Members

White Swan

Crossover Characters


Secret Cult

Old Friends

Other Characters


  • Bullying
  • Domestic Violence
  • Family
  • Manipulation
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Stardom
  • Student-Teacher Relationships
  • Versatility


  • Despite being set two years after the events of Great Teacher Onizuka, Paradise Lost depicts contemporary fashion trends, pop culture, and technological advancements rather than those of the early 2000s.
  • Unlike Great Teacher Onizuka and GTO: 14 Days in Shonan, Paradise Lost's chapter segments are not designated as lessons.
  • Paradise Lost is the first in the series to visually depict nudity, albeit with the genitalia censored.