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Sasori762 Sasori762 31 October 2017

To Do List

  • 1 Top Priorities
  • 2 High Priorities
  • 3 Normal Priorities
  • 4 Low Priorities
  • 5 Very Low Priorities

  1. Add articles for all episodes of the GTO anime.
  2. Upload pictures for all episodes of the GTO anime.
  3. Update navbox to include all current characters that appear on the wiki.
  4. Complete the anime section on the Staff page.

  1. Complete pages for all characters exclusive to GTO: Paradise Lost up to Chapter 97 (most current as of this update).
  2. Create location pages.
  3. Create navbox for locations.
  4. Create a truncated gallery template akin to that of Jojo's Bizarre Encyclopedia.
  5. Add pages for missing pages involving people, groups, and locations.
  6. Upload pictures of each episodes' intro for all episodes of the GTO anime to use for infobox pictures.

  1. Complete the article for GTO: 14 Day…

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4Chimera 4Chimera 24 July 2017

GTO Anime & OVA Prequel Shonan Junai Gumi

I arranged the GTO Anime section as an anime guide so we can put all episodes from OVA Shonan Junai Gumi and 1999 anime GTO. This is also IF in the future they decide to make another anime (maybe adapting GTO: Paradise Lost), who knows, although it seems unlikely... things are better like this.

Same can be said for the 7 Live-Action TV Dramas & Films.

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4Chimera 4Chimera 10 May 2014

Character Template

Hey there, who ever is active in this wiki, I made a character template so it will be easier to put the information of the character, it is my first time, so in the future I will change some things on it. Here > Template:Character.

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