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Ayumi Murakoshi
Character Information


Date of Birth

September 11th, 1966[1]


24 (in SJG)

Blood Type


Eye Color


Hair Color

Black (blue-black in OVA)


162 cm




Tsujido High School


Shindoji (ex-boyfriend; deceased)
Ryuji Danma (boyfriend)

Appearance Debut

Shonan Junai Gumi (Chapter 1)

Actor(s) / Actress(es)

Nin Nakayama (1995)
Yurina Yanagi (2020)


Shonan Junai Gumi OVA (Episode 1)

Voice Actor(s) / Actress(es)

Hiromi Tsuru

List of Characters

Ayumi Murakoshi (村越鮎美, Murakoshi Ayumi) is a teacher at Tsujido High School and a major character in Shonan Junai Gumi. She and Mariko Izumo first meet Eikichi Onizuka and Ryuji Danma at a Yoronshima Island resort, where both the boys and girls lie to each other about being college students. Ayumi and Ryuji almost hook up, but Ryuji has bowel trouble and has to run off. The boys and girls are shocked to find out that they're students and teachers at the same school when they get back.

After the boys start school at Tsujido, Ryuji and Ayumi start to fall in love, eventually dating and even planning to get married. Ayumi's previous boyfriend was also a biker, but he died in a road accident. His younger brother, Fumiya Shindoji, twisted his love for his brother into an obsession with preventing Ayumi from "betraying" his memory by falling in love with someone else. This escalated to the point that he kidnapped Ayumi, and only ended when Ryuji saved his life (despite him trying to kill Ryuji up to the minute he saved him).

On the day they planned for Ryuji to meet her parents, he was several hours late because he had to help Eikichi fight Mitsuaki Okubo. Despite arriving after her parents had given up and left, Ayumi agreed to marry Ryuji. They went alone to a church in the middle of the night and had a private, unofficial ceremony. However, the next day Ayumi quit her job and left town, apparently having realized that the two of them weren't compatible after all.

Much later, after Ryuji has started a relationship with Nagisa, Ayumi returns to Shonan, now working as a kindergarten teacher. She meets up with Ryuji and gives him some old photos of them, but he decides to burn them and fully let go of the past. At the same time, Fumiya is released from juvie and starts hanging out with her. Her coworkers think he's her boyfriend, and it's implied he is attracted to her, as he tells Ryuji that he "won't lose to you" in making her happy.[2]


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